Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gabi interview

I interviewed Gabi, (almost 10 years old) about going to France.

Are you excited to spend a year in France?
Yes. But I am nervous about my grades and I am worried I will miss my friends, especially Georgia.

What are you looking forward to in France?
I want to visit the Eiffel Tower and I want to see the Louvre, the biggest museum in France. I want to explore the house we are renting.

What do you think the first day will be like in school when everyone speaks a different language?
Oh wow. I will go up to my principal, who speaks English, and ask her to explain my homework. I might do that or I might be too nervous to do that.

Do you think you will have a hard time talking to the other students?
Why not?
Because mom always says that I talk a lot. It will just be in a different language. It depends which day of school it is.
What does that mean?
If it is the first day it will be difficult, but if it is May 2, then it will be easier.
Any more questions?
No, Gabi, this is quite enough. Thank you.

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