Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ellie's 6th birthday

Sweet little Ellie turned 6.

At school here they call her Elizabet (no h on the end).

I asked my other kids about birthday snacks. I was told that parents send in a bag of candy and the teacher passes out the candy. How easy is that? The French moms do not make life harder on themselves.
I sent in a bag of candy with Ellie and she was very excited about it.
When I picked her up she was grinning a new grin. She had lost a tooth at nap time. (It doesn't sound like she was napping if she was losing teeth.)

A birthday and a lost tooth! It doesn't get much better. At least to a 6 year old.

Ellie got to pick dinner, so we had hamburgers and french fries. The neighbor boy, Zack, caught wind of the dinner we were having and begged to be invited to eat over.
We had chocolate cake for her birthday cake. We sang happy birthday to Ellie and then we made Zack sing it to her in French. Ellie didn't seem to care what language we were singing. She was in her own happy little birthday world.

I don't know what Ellie's favorite gift was because she was pretty easy to please this year. But my favorite gift was the one Joey made for her.

Below is a picture of Joey and Elle walking home from school on Ellie's birthday. In the background you can see our little village and the church steeple.


  1. Happy Birthday Ellie from the Frosts!! We can't wait to visit you!

  2. Sophia wishes Ellie a happy belated birthday!