Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sick day and video equipment

Joey was home today with the cold that everyone seems to be getting here.
My idea of a sick day is for Joey to lie on the couch and watch movies all day.
He has other ideas.
First he wants to watch videos on youtube about making movie equipment.
Because, you know, he wants to make a movie.
He has already searched for cameras on Amazon. He doesn't want any old video camera, he wants a professional movie camera. Since I won't give him $4,000 for it he has to come up with another plan.
Some video on Youtube talks about buying broken video equipment on eBay and fixing it. Joey thinks that is a GREAT idea. So then he needs to search ebay for broken video equipment.
He needs help navigating all these sites and he pesters me until I help him. He is a persistent little one.

I am pretending to listen, but really I am playing on my iPhone, when I hear him ask, "Do I want free shipping?"
Ummm, no.
There is no shipping because you are not buying anything.
Then we argued about that.
He was all excited because he found some deals. DEALS, I tell you.

Yeah, these sick days. Good times.


  1. Snow days are much more fun than sick days...

  2. Hey Joey, it's not what you shoot with, it's how you shoot it. Get out there and start making movies even if you have to borrow a camera!

  3. Yes, Cindy, snow days are more fun!
    Paul, I bet Joey will cast you in one of his movies. Do you want to be a good guy or a bad guy?