Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
A little different for us this year.
In fact, I almost forgot about it. No visual reminders at the store for Valentine's Day. I didn't realize how effective those reminders are!

For the kids at school it is just a regular day.
I asked Gabi's teacher if the kids passed out cards. She told me they do not pass out anything. Valentine's Day is only celebrated between couples.
Then she asked if Gabi would tell the class how American kids celebrate Valentine's Day.

Even though we are apart this year, Rod and I will still give each other our usual gifts. I get chocolate and he gets hockey tape. I know hockey tape doesn't scream romance, but it is what he wants. Sometimes I even take his hockey skates to be sharpened. I don't know which one of us likes our gift better!

The only interesting thing I did on Valentine's Day was go to Ellie's class and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? in English to the class. Ellie is in kindergarten, but they call it something else - Grande section maternelle.

I had recommended the book to the teacher and she loved it. She thinks it is a great book to teach the kids English. I read the book aloud two times to the kids. Then the teacher made up a game. She had me say one of the animals, like red bird. The kids had to raise their hand if they thought they knew red bird. She called on different kids to walk up and point out the animal. The teacher made it interactive and the kids were having fun.

Now she has asked me if I have any more books like Brown Bear. Oh crappy crap, now I have to come up with something else.


  1. To set the record straight, it is not just chocolate, but for Valentine’s Day (as well as many, many other days throughout the year for no other reason than I love my wife) I purchase my wife Godiva chocolate. I also make sure I buy her some “regular” chocolate because when the kids see her opening the Godiva they all want some. This way, with a little misdirection and sleight of hand, the kids get chocolate and my wife selfishly keeps her Godiva for herself.
    I don’t recall seeing Godiva during my visits to France, but from what Jen has told me France has no shortage of excellent chocolate.
    As for me, I went and got my skates sharpened myself last Saturday. There is a guy in Ann Arbor that I like to go to, but he use to keep unusual hours and was not opened on the weekends. It was a very special treat when my wife use to go during the week and get my skates sharpened. Now they have moved to a larger location and are open Saturdays. So this year, I am going to splurge and pick myself up an extra roll of hockey tape, and ….. get a new grip for my tennis racket.

    Thanks Jen. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you!

  2. I have a smile on my face.
    Love you too!

  3. I love how Rod has to weigh in anonymously on Valentines Day.....