Tuesday, July 27, 2010

other blogs

Here are some other blogs to check out:

Vendee Blog is written by a witty Brit. He lives in the Vendee, the same region we will be in. I have sent him some e-mails with questions about cars, etc and he has been very gracious in answering my questions.

American mom in Paris I like this one because I think the writer has a good sense of humor.

Pret a voyager is about traveling and has lots of links to other blogs. There are some well-traveled people in this world.

Fabulously French has lots of style.

A taste of garlic is a review of French blogs. This one has more French blogs than I will ever have time to read.

David Lebovitz American chef living in Paris. He has written several cookbooks. From this blog I learned that flour is different in France. Good to know!