Monday, May 2, 2011

nets in trees

I could have told you the proper name of this kid activity. It called a parcabout. But it wouldn't make much sense. Nets in trees is more accurate.

In the park in our town they have a parcabout. We never really understood what it was. . . . and then it closed for the winter.
Somehow over the winter the kids figured out that parcabout means fun. Kids are smart this way.
Fortunately the parcabout opened up right when our friends the DesRosiers came to visit in April. I bet they were skeptical, but they are good sports and they went.

Well, it turns out that the parcabout is not only kid friendly, it is great for the adults. Great in the sense that you don't see your children. The children are so stunned that they are allowed to climb around in nets way up high in trees that they forget all about their parents. Their parents get to sit and have a coffee and forget all about the children.
We have 7 children between the two families. That is a lot of kids. It is hard to forget about 7 children.

I am now a fan of the parcabout. For a little, while on a pleasant afternoon, we forgot all about the kids.

Here is a picture of all the kids.