Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ile de Re with the Bohn family

When the Bohn family was visiting we spent a day on the Ile de Re. It is probably an hour from us. I let Katie miss school since her friend Hannah was visiting.
We had a lovely sunny day. A perfect day to visit an island.

These first couple of pictures were taken at an old abbey that we saw off to the side of the road. We stopped the car and climbed around the ruins for a bit.

The next picture is where we had lunch. It was nice enough to sit outside.

In the town of St. Martin, on the Ile de Re, we walked to the top of the church tower to get a view of the town. I love the smiles on Katie and Hannah.


  1. Katie looks so happy! And tall!! Can't wait to see you all ...

  2. Lovely pictures! Can't wait to hear about Rod's visit!

  3. Yes, Katie looks really happy.