Thursday, March 17, 2011


Mom and I had been meaning to get back to Nantes. We had to go there in November to finish our visa process. The whole day was spent dealing with the visa and didn't leave any time for sightseeing.
So when the Bohn family was here, we convinced them to go to Nantes. We told them it was fabulous and they had to go. Really, mom and I wanted to go and we just dragged them along.
Katie took Hannah Bohn to school for the day so they rest of us fit into one car.

First up, we went to the chateau in Nantes.

Don't go through this door. I think danger awaits.

After the chateau we found a shop across the street selling all kinds of weaponry. I don't think I will tell Joey that this shop even exists. He really thinks that he needs to buy a sword. I really think that he doesn't. So far I am winning. I will keep you posted on the sword issue.

This is where we had a nice 2 hour Frenchy lunch.

After lunch we went to the cathedral in Nantes. Stunning.

I thought it was a great day. Since I dragged the Bohn's there, I hope they enjoyed it as well.

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