Friday, March 18, 2011

who sells seashells by the seashore?

At the end of February and early March, Gabi's best friend, Georgia, came to visit. Georgia brought along her mom, Jeannette, her sister, Alyssa, and her cousin, Greg.
My kids were home on school vacation so everything we did had to be kid friendly.
Jeannette and I took all the kids to La Rochelle for the day.
First we let them collect shells from the ocean.

Then we tried to force some history on them. La Rochelle has 3 towers that used to guard the town and port. We dragged them up the towers. The towers ended up being fun because parts of the towers were used as prisons. I am not really sure why an old prison is fun to see, but it is.
Here are some pictures from the towers.

Jeannette and I tried to get in a little shopping. That is hard to do when the kids find a candy shop.

Why do my kids always have to climb on stuff?

After we got home, the kids were fighting over the shells. They ended up having a shell auction. I am not really sure how they worked it because I was trying to ignore the whole thing. But it turns out that a shell auction is great fun. They spent a LOT of time having the auction.

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  1. Yes, the shell auction was fun, although later I saw almost all of these same shells at the market - called oysters :) It was a great day!