Friday, March 25, 2011


I was worried about losing the kids in the Louvre Museum. It is just so big and if one of the kids got lost, I wasn't sure how we would ever find them.
(We have lost Gabi at Disney world. Then we lost her at ... oh never mind, this is a long list. Our parenting skills are not very good in this area.)
So the fact that we didn't lose any kids made it a successful outing.
Score one for the parents!

So how did the kids react to seeing all this priceless artwork?
They fought over taking pictures. Each child had to have a camera or cell phone. And they were so slow walking through each room. Rod and I were saying things like "we have 892 more rooms to get through, PICK UP THE PACE."
Do you know what children do when you tell them to pick up the pace? I think they come to a dead stop. And then take another photo.

Here is Joey's photo of the Mona Lisa. He was so proud of himself that he could get to the front of the crowd. He could push past the 75 people taking pictures of the Mona Lisa so he could get his own crappy, um I mean fabulous, photo of the Mona Lisa.
Here is the masterpiece.

If you want to see the other 8 photos he took of the Mona Lisa, just let me know.

It may be a wonderful museum, but a girl needs a break.

Can we dance in here?

At some point, maybe after 4 hours, we decided to leave. On the way to finding our way out of the museum, we passed things like the next picture. You know, just the Venus de Milo. That old thing.
Is the picture blurry? Or was is just my eyes that were blurry?

Oh look, Gabi is taking a photo. I wonder what she will do with the other 900 photos from the Louvre on her camera.

We did find our way out. Here is a family photo after our day at the Louvre.

See, I still have all 4 of my children.

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