Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't be judgmental.

Put your judgment aside.

I took the kids to McDonald's here.

There is one fast food place here. One fast food place for miles around. It is McDonald's. I think it is a novelty here. My kids spotted it the minute we got here.

No Subway. No carryout pizza. No other fast food. No food to pick up as you drive around in your car. (I have never seen a French person eating in their car. The idea probably horrifies them.)

So back to the kids. I took them the first day we got our car. I had promised them dinner out and I promised them McDonalds. So I just combined the two.

I have to say, I didn't feel like I was in France for a moment.
We have gotten that out of the way. Now we can move on.

To continue reading you still need to keep an open mind.

I was at the grocery store and I wanted a quick and easy dinner. Just throw something on the table type dinner. I saw a fajita kit and I bought it. The kids love tacos and fajitas at home.

Guess what? Old El Paso makes a different fajita kit here than in the US!! Apparently Mexican food is different here.

In my French fajita kit were 3 things:

-8 flour tortillas
-sauce packet of thick red sauce to mix in with chicken
-packet of seasonings to flavor the creme fraiche (there is no sour cream here)

The box suggested that I buy chicken, lettuce, tomato and creme fraiche. Ummm, what about cheese. Cheddar cheese? Fajitas definately need cheese. So I started looking for cheese. I found the package of cheese pictured above. It was the only thing resembling cheddar that I could find. (And noooo I don't really know what I was doing looking for cheddar cheese in France. Goodness, I said no judgment!)

So I made the fajitas. You know what. They weren't bad. Everyone ate their dinner.

Except the cheese was terrible. Sort of like Kraft singles. Bleh. The kids wouldn't eat the cheese. So if the French think that is what American cheddar tasted like, well they won't have a very good impression. At all.


  1. Putting my sarcasm next to my judgment, I find myself pondering what the kids will desire on their return to Michigan. Will they be done with fast food? Will they judge their friends who still eat this crap? Oops, that judgment is a slippery little fellow, ain't he?

  2. I think that when we return home, the kids will start yelling for french fries at the first McDonalds they see! Then they will see Subway and want it, then they will see Jet's pizza and want it . . . .