Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fête de la Vendage

A nearby town was having a Fête de la Vendage on Sunday.
It means party of the wine harvest or feast of the vintage. Something like that. You get the idea.

At the same time they were having a vide grenier (literally means empty attic). Antiques mixed in with household crap, umm, I mean precious stuff.

These two events combined drew lots of people.

Of course, there was lunch. I had a grilled sausage on a baguette. You picked what you wanted to go on your baguette. Some of the kids got bacon on their baguette.

Here is a picture of lunch.

Below is a picture of the vide grenier. It went down several streets. It took us quite a while to walk through all of the streets.

They also brought out a wine press. They were pouring stuff into water bottles. Wine? Grape juice? We got a sample and it tasted very sweet. We bought a water bottle full for 2 Euros. We are pretty sure it is grape juice.

Below are some pictures of the wine press. I love the tractor that brought the wine press to the middle of town.


  1. Note to self. Grape juice makes women fall in love with your tractor.

  2. Awesome, I would have bought up everything just because it was french and old all while drinking "grape juice"! :)