Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The strike isn't really affecting us too much. Then again, I am not trying to go on a train or plane right now.
We see lots of news about it. The only visible sign is the long line at the gas station.
What is the strike about, you ask? Well, the minimum retirement age in France is currently age 60. (To retire with full benefits you must wait until age 65.) The government is proposing to raise each of those by 2 years. So minimum benefits will be availabe at age 62 (to get full benefits you will have to wait until 67.) The increase in retirement age is being debated in the Senate this week.
Lots of students are out protesting. Next week is school vacation. I wonder if the students will continue to protest on their school vacation?
I am also getting the feeling that they really don't like Sarkozy. Or maybe it is just the media that doesn't like him.
Our British expat neighbors spent their day yesterday looking for gas for their cars. They were very distressed about it. In fact, we had planned on going to a nearby market (20 minutes away) with them. They didn't want to go because they wanted to find gas. They came over later in the morning for coffee. They were able to find gas, they just had to wait in long lines. Their cars are filled with gas and they are ready to bunker down at home.
Our little diesel car has 3/4 tank of gas. We aren't very worried about it. It really doesn't use much gas.
Next week, when the kids are off school, we were planning on driving around and doing some touristy things. I was considering driving up to one of the big chateau in the Loire Valley. Now we will just wait and see. We might have to stay closer to the house.


  1. Ah socialism... you can get cheaper drugs, you just have to work two extra years to "pay" for them.

  2. I hope you're having a great week with the kids off of school. I read an article about the strike, the journalist couldn't find many signs of it except the gas shortage.