Friday, October 1, 2010

La Foire aux Vins

Wine Fair!

Both of the big grocery stores in town have cleared out the school supplies to make room for the wine fair.

Both stores put out a circular detailing the wine. One is 80 pages, the other is 86 pages. Just about wine. The picture above is from the Leclerc catalog. Mind you this is a grocery store, not some fancy schmancy vineyard.

Next to each wine, they list the temperature you should serve the wine at, the years you should drink the wine, how many bottles they have of each wine and what foods are best to pair with each wine.

I had picked up several bottles of wine. I didn't really look at the catalog until after I got back from the store. One of the bottles I bought isn't good until 2015. That had not even occured to me when I was buying the wine. (I am pretty sure that I am embarassing my brother by saying all this!) I am going to have Rod take that bottle home the next time he visits. He is pretty good at packing wine. It will be fun to open the bottle in a few years.

They have 11 catagories of food to consider:

charcuterie (sausages)
foie gras (yes, this has its own category!)
fruits de mer (fruits of the sea)
poisson (fish)
viandes rouges (red meat)
grillades (grilled food)
viandes blanches (white meat)
gibiers (game)
fromages (cheese)
and desserts

Phew. A lot to consider. I had no idea.

And there is even more information. For some of the vineyards, they also highlight the location, climate, number of hectares and type of dirt.

On an unrelated note, look at how they post prices. They use a comma where we use a decimal point. 12,90 instead of 12.90. Yeah, that has confused Katie and Gabi in math.


  1. Wow, I think I'd be taking a "Wine for Dummies" class quick like - although could you really go wrong?!

  2. What is a hectares? Mike should really make a special trip soley for wine selection.