Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I will admit that I didn't really get the idea of Futuroscope. Is it an amusement park? A Theatre? What is it?
At the beginning of the school vacation I asked Katie to help me with the planning. She loved the idea. She looked through the brochures we had and her top choice was Futuroscope. (I am not sure I would have put it so high on my list.) So off we went on Monday to Futuroscope. I took us about an hour 10 minutes to get there on the toll road. Not too bad.

I have to give Katie the credit for such a fun fun day.
Futuroscope is hard to describe. It has lots of interesting architectural buildings with 3D and 4D movies. And some rides. And an evening light and water show. And a magic show. And this robotic ride that the kids thought was fabulous. More about that later. I don't even think we saw half of the attractions so I can't even explain the rest.
Futuroscope is perfect for preteens and teens. Not so great for little kids. Ellie did have fun, but not nearly as much fun as Katie and Gabi.
Ok, the robotic arm ride. It is called Dances with Robots. Picture a giant robot arm. Picture 2 people sitting in the hand of the robot arm. Then the music starts. Then the robot arm starts swinging all over. Upside down, sideways and all around. I would have lost my lunch if I had gone on this ride. Katie went on it 3 times. Joey just made the height requirement. (Actually he didn't, the person measuring him told him to stand a lot taller if he wanted to go - he really wanted to go so he somehow stood several inches taller!)
What you are looking at in the picture below are 2 people on the ride with their feet in the air.

Another favorite was the Arthur 4D ride. You watched a 3D movie while sitting in this contraption thing that moved around. You got puffs of wind and squirts of water. The kids loved it. We had to go back and do the ride again.

Lots of smiles and lots of laughter.

The kids can't wait to go back.

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  1. You and mom have really adapted to French style, I hardly recognized you.

    On a different note... Dude! I would totally ride the robot arm thing!