Sunday, November 7, 2010

bathing suit

There will not be photo to go along with this post. You might thank me later.
Joey's class went to the pool today. (Didn't know this ahead of time. Had to dash home to get his bathing suit, ummm, his normal American bathing suit) I think it was some sort of swim class.
After school all Joey could say was, "I think they make fun of French boys"
Then he stopped talking.
I had to ask what he was talking about.
He said, "I just think they make fun of French boys. Why else would they make them wear those things to swim in."
Then I got it. He had been introduced to the speedo. And he didn't like it.
He wanted to come home and talk to his dad.
Good idea.
Joey is talking to his dad. I am trying to stop laughing.
"Dad, they show everything"
I couldn't hear what Rod said because I was still laughing.
Joey really doesn't get it.
For the next swim class they want Joey wear the French bathing suit.
I asked Joey if he wanted me to buy him one.
He had 2 words for me. NO WAY.
Probably a good thing. I don't think I could buy one and keep a straight face.


  1. The combination of your funny blog and wine from Mike and Lesa's made me seriously laugh out loud. Poor Joey.

  2. Are you able at the end of this entire blog to print out all blogs so in 20 years you can give a copy to each of your children? Priceless.