Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a little timeout

I will get back to my blog. Thanksgiving was great and we had friends visit. It was wonderful. But I will write about that later. Now I am preoccupied.

The kids are supposed to be back in school this week. We are supposed to go back to our routine. Joey started running a fever yesterday. He was home today. I knew he was sick when all he wanted to do was lay on the couch. Unlike Joey.

Today when I went to pick Ellie up the teacher told me that chicken pox was going around the school. Then she pointed to Ellie's face. Ellie has some little red dots on her face. They showed up today. Then I tried to explain to the teacher that Ellie had the vaccine for chicken pox. Yeah, I am sure I looked pretty funny. The teacher's aide stayed in the classroom to watch me. I felt like a circus sideshow. Trying to act out Ellie getting a shot. I think the teacher understood me. But still.... there are spots on Ellie's face.
So I think that you can still get chicken pox after getting the vaccine, it is just a milder case. Ellie does have tomorrow off school (every Wednesday off). I just don't know if I should send her to school on Thursday or not.

I have some research to do tonight. If your child has gotten chicken pox after getting the vaccine please let me know. None of the other kids have had chicken pox and this is all new to me.


  1. Oh no! Chicken pox in France does not sound fun! Has mom met any Doctor ex-pats from the UK? What does WebMD say?

  2. Google it and yes you will find many people have either had it twice or been vacinated and then had the chicken pox years later. Poor Ellie. (Oh, and poor you too!)

  3. Sounds like a "fabulous" time. Love reading your Blog