Monday, November 15, 2010

morning run, part 2

I am really glad that manure truck got me away from the fields.
Now I am finding some good stuff.

I kept on running past the chateau I just posted about.
I saw this sign.

But it was raining and I decided to turn back home.

So, on another day, I finally follow the sign and head toward Le Mazeau.

First I see the gatehouse. Yeah, you read that right. The gatehouse.

I kept on running down the country lane next to the gatehouse. That is where I get a glimpse of the chateau.
Helllooooo chateau!

I can't even get close enough to take a decent picture.

On the way back past the gatehouse, I saw an old guy, a young guy and a ladder. They were doing some kind of work. I asked if they lived in the chateau. No, they live in gatehouse.
Monsieur lives in the chateau, they said.
I asked if I could come back another time and take a picture of the chateau. They just shrugged their shoulders, looked at me funny, and said yes.
I am thinking that they didn't understand me. I wonder what they thought I was asking?

Did you hear the part about people living in the gatehouse?

I must be in France.

If you want to see this chateau, bring your running shoes.
Oh, for crying out loud, I am kidding.
Or am I?

This is the road that I am going to go down next.

I have to say, I am looking forward to my next run.


  1. Megan and I will bring our running shoes and clothes...Megan will love it since she has become a runner in the past few months. Save the trail for US! Yeah! And I was terminated from PT today since I progressed so well at U of M Med Sport at Domino Farms. Loved going there. Saw Rod's office from the highway once a week!

  2. If you want to see me run, bring everything down from the second floor because I won't be making any more trips up stairs.

    Oh, for crying out loud, I am kidding.
    Or am I?