Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nintendo is not my friend

We brought adapters for our American plugs. They work fine on everything EXCEPT Nintendo. Nintendo is not my friend.
My sweet husband packed our Nintendo Wii as a surprise for the kids. None of them are addicted to it, we just thought it would be fun. When they were at school one of the first days here we tried to hook it up. Yeah, that didn't go so well. After we plugged it in, there was a loud popping noise and smoke. ok. Not a good sign.
Rod went online and did some Nintendo research. If you buy a Wii in the US it is only for the US. Even if we found a way to get our Wii to work here, the American games wouldn't work. Nintendo is working really hard to keep us from using their product here.

Rod took the Wii back home. I don't know if it will recover from its trip to France.

If Joey tries to charge his portable Nintendo DS it won't charge. Sigh. Thanks a lot Nintendo. But for some reason we brought a Nintendo car charger. Guess what, it works. Haha, Nintendo, gotcha!! We found a way to use one of your toys here even though you don't want us to.

I am thinking about this today because the kids are home from school. It is Armistice Day. Not only is everything shut down, the rain and wind kept us in all day. It would have been nice to have an activity like the Wii today.

We had movie day instead.

We watched movies on my laptop. We had a Snoopy marathon. Got to love Snoopy. We went through all the holidays. Even Arbor Day.

I can use my laptop here without a problem, but we can't use a little Nintendo toy? Give me a break Nintendo.


  1. The voltage here is different, I think - US is 110V, France is 230V, so the transformer in the charger simply won't work.

    Every car battery on the planet, however, is 12V, so it will work anywhere.

    One can buy the chargers online.

  2. I just checked: the transformer on my laptop is good for any voltage from 100 to 240; the chidren's DS charger is 230 volts only.

    The little tinkers.

  3. Hey Jen, It's been on my mind to ask you about adapters. Do I need one and where do I go to get one? I'm thinking curling iron, hair dryer and cell phone chargers. Will the Hotel Louvre have them for us? We won't bother with Megan's nintendo....Megan will be bummed. Well maybe we could bring it and just charge it in your car.

  4. Jon - thanks for the info. If you had gotten any more technical I think my eyes would have glazed over.
    Cindy - glad we remembered to talk about adapters!