Saturday, November 13, 2010

morning run

When we first got here I would run through some of the fields near our house. It was ok, until the manure truck passed me.
I decided to go in a different direction.
So then I started running toward a little town called St. Michel le Clouq. It is uphill the whole way to the little town. That means it is downhill the whole way home.

The road going to St. Michel is kind of busy so I decided to turn off the main road and look for a quieter road one day.
Went past a car restoration shop (think junkyard - complete with barking dogs behind a fence) then went past some cows until I came upon this:

Just ran around the corner and there was this old chateau sitting there. It has probably been sitting there for a few hundred years.

Doesn't it look like something is missing from the whole bottom part of the building? I wonder what is missing.

Here is the gate for this Chateau:

I saw a couple of shutters open and a car in the driveway so I think someone lives there. I am very curious about this old house.
I get so curious and distracted that, just for a moment, I forget that I am running.
My morning run just got more interesting.

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