Thursday, September 30, 2010

car, finally

Yes, we finally got a car. Indecision on our part led to 2 weeks of riding public transportation. Two weeks was enough. We needed to make a decision.

Here were some of our choices

1. Rent from the big car rental companies, like Avis. Too expensive for 10 months.

2. Buy a used car from a dealer here. We decided this might be troublesome. What if the car broke down? What if we had trouble selling it at the end of the year.

3. Rent a car from the grocery store. There are 2 big grocery stores in town, Hyper U and Leclerc. They both rent cars on a monthly basis. They are cheaper than the big car rental companies.

So that is what we did. We went to the grocery store and rented a car. That sentence probably sounds funny to us Americans!

We chose Hyper U because we were told by the British expats in the area that Hyper U has an English person who works at the service counter. These British expats have quite a little network here.

Managing a car contract with someone who speaks the same language is quite handy. So we met Rachel at the Hyper U and she was very helpful. Now we have a car for the rest of our time here.

The car says RENT-ME on the back. I don't even care.

Riding the bus was a lesson I won't soon forget. Lugging groceries home on the bus - no thank you! And it never even rained. I was dealing with the bus in nice sunny weather.

I think I sound like a spoiled American.

So the pictures on this post are pictures of the car. The kids barely fit in the back but I am enjoying have a little stick shift car to drive.


  1. How to spot a non-car person:

    1. Was able to make it two weeks riding the bus
    2. Indifference to "KICK ME", I mean "RENT ME" sign on back of car
    3. Dedicates a blog posting to new car without actually telling us what kind of car it is

  2. Hold on a sec, I need to stop laughing. Ok now I am good. No, wait. Ok now I can stop laughing.
    1. can't explain myself
    2. still happy to just have a car
    3. Fiat, something or other. Ok fine I will walk outside and look. Fiat Punto.
    Maybe you will be lucky enough to travel in my sweeeeet ride.

  3. How many of you fit in the car? When you all want to go somewhere do some of you get to ride in the car and a few of you have to take the bus? hehe (this is from Jodi K)

  4. Jodi here again....
    At school they just announced that it is International Walk to School week, looks like you got the car a week to so......