Monday, September 20, 2010


I got back from Paris on Tuesday in time to pick the kids up from school. Unfortunately, Ellie was crying when I picked her up. All the other kids were fine. Just Ellie had decided she didn't like school. At all. She would like to be done. NOW. And to top it all off, she doesn't have a special stuffed animal for nap time. Her teacher is mean. And oh yeah, she doesn't speak French. (I loved how that little tidbit came last!)

The only part I could remedy right away was the stuffed animal. So on Wednesday (the kids don't have school) we made a special trip to the store so Ellie could get a new stuffed animal. Meet bear-y.

Thursday morning Ellie went back to school with Bear-y. Tears the whole walk to school. I might have caved and let Ellie stay home but I had a miserable cold. When I picked Ellie up Thursday afternoon, her teacher said she had a better day.

Friday morning, once again, more tears. When I picked up Ellie on Friday she was all smiles and told me she had a good day.

So for the moment we have tears in the morning and a smile in the afternoon. That is how it is working for now.


  1. ellie - i love you. i love your teddy bear. elise

  2. Ellie, hang in there Mr. Beary will give you faith in the ways of the French world. Love, Georgia and Alyssa

  3. After all this, Ellie may be the first to understand and speak French! Such are the ways of the young brain!

  4. Thank you Elise. Ellie really misses you.
    Yes, Elie is a trooper. She is starting to get settled in here.