Wednesday, September 8, 2010

phone number

A woman gave Rod her phone number at the grocery store yesterday.
Good stuff.


  1. Jennifer, Rod, and the group -- Glad to hear that you have made it safe and sound. Traffic is always challenging while traveling, but the motorcycles are quite a scare. Elise says Hi to Ellie and hopes that she has fun in France. --Ruth

  2. Was she interested in tips on how to pack a minivan?

  3. Just discovered I can leave a comment on your blog. The pictures are great...keep them coming. Hope school goes well, can't wait.

  4. I keep trying to think of something clever to say about Rod, the phone number and him driving the short bus....but I've got nothing! I'm glad things are going well!

  5. Ruth - it is good to hear from you! Ellie misses Elise. Please tell Elise that Ellie is thinking about her
    Paul - Rod would be the go to guy for that info.
    Mom - I will post more pictures
    Lisa - if you weren't so tired with your own kids starting school you would have had something!