Monday, September 20, 2010


The teachers have sent notes home with the kids informing the parents that the teachers are participitating in the strike on Thursday, Sept. 23.

Strike? Advance notice of a strike? Hmmm.

I was wondering if that meant that school was open.

On the way home from school Joey was all excited to tell me that there would be a strike on Thursday and he could go to school only if he wanted. Yeah, just tell a kid that school is optional.

Gabi had some questions. If she went to school, did that mean she wasn't supporting the strike? But then the people who were supporting the strike wouldn't be there, so they wouldn't know. She had a lot of things to think about.

I found out from Ellie's teacher that the school is open but it isn't a normal school day. It is just open for parents who work and need their kids watched. (At least I think that is what she told me!)

Anyone think that I can convince the kids to go to school on Thursday?
Nah, me either.

The elementary school kids already have Wednesday off. Every single Wednesday.


  1. So what are you and the kids going to do for strike day? And is it a one day strike? Or do the kids go back to school on Friday?

  2. A strike day is even better than a snow day, because the weather isn't lousy. The advance warning from the teachers is yet another example that you are living in a truly civilized country!

  3. Melissa - it was just a one day strike but Mom has heard that there will be more strike days in October.
    Lesa - the weather was beautiful! The kids loved having a strike day.