Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Packing and paintings

This week is all about packing and saying goodbyes. I am thankful we aren't moving away for good because goodbyes are hard!
Packing is really about getting organized and remembering all the little details. So I am a little distracted. In the middle of our packing week Gabi has decided to start some sort of project. I am trying to ignore it but she keeps bringing it up. She spent last weekend at Grandma Fracassi's house. In the living room at Grandma's house is a lovely painting of a ballroom dancing scene. Gabi told me she wants to make a 3D version of this painting. From what I can gather I think she is making some sort of diaorama. She started requesting a box, paint, wood, and screws for the Barbie's feet. I gave her a long lecture on how this isn't really the best week to do this type of project. I think she just rolled her eyes and began trying to figure out how to gather the supplies by herself. She is a persistent little thing. This morning I overheard Gabi asking her sister if she minded that a particular Barbie doll would have her feet screwed to a board. Of course, a fight ensued and that Barbie became the most precious barbie doll ever.

Too bad Gabi doesn't have an artsy mom that would drop everything to help her out.


  1. Dear Aunt Jen,
    Please don't tell Gabbi, but when my mom and I come to France, a few Barbies are going to sneak there way into my bag. With a few outfits. I am so excited to come to France. The house looks beautiful. It has so much character. Gabbi, Katie, and Joey hang in there for that half a mile walk everyday. Excited to come! Have fun!

  2. Thanks Megan! We can't wait for you to visit! We have lots to show you.