Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of School

I am already behind on keeping this blog up to date! Bear with me.

As you can see from the pictures, the kids had smiles on the morning of their first day of school.

I walked Katie to her middle school first. her school starts at 8:15. Usually I will walk her to the front gate but on the first day I took her to the principal's office. The principal thought Katie's backpack looked too heavy so she rummaged through it and gave me some stuff to take back home. She is a no nonesense sort of woman. There is not doubt who is in charge at that school! After that she led Katie and I to Katie's first class. Class had already started for the day. The teacher paused and introduced Katie. A boy was moved so Katie could sit next to Margot (the English/French girl). Katie turned back and gave me a look of desperation. My heart sank. Then the principal led me back to the front door and it was time for me to leave the school.

I walked back home and got there just in time to walk Ellie, Joey and Gabi to their elementary school. They start at 9am. When we got to their school, I walked Ellie to her class. The teacher grabbed Ellie's hand and off they went.

Back in the courtyard outside the school, Gabi and Joey found their teachers. The teachers collect the kids outside and then lead them to the classroom. It wasn't long before Gabi and Joey were walking with their classmates into the school.

All day I wondered what sort of drama and tears we would see at the 5pm pickup.

Finally, the time came and we went to pick up the kids.

Rod went to get Katie. He was surprised to see her walking out the school smiling. She was walking with a girl. Rod assumed it was Margot. Katie said it wasn't Margot, it was another friend. Katie had a good day. Her favorite class was English - where the French kids are learning to speak English.

Mom and I picked up the other 3. I got Ellie while mom waited for Gabi and Joey.

Ellie was happy and her teacher said she had a good day!

When I saw Joey and Gabi I also saw smiles on their faces!
Comments from the kids on the first day were amusing (to me anyway).

Gabi said she loved the lunches.
Joey liked playing soccer at recess. He claims that he has 5 recesses.
Ellie claimed she wasn't fed all day. (Later she talked about the food she had at lunch so she is not very reliable)

Big sigh of relief. I was really waiting for at least one of the kids to say "What the crappy crap? Do you really think I am going to school here?"
I just hope the smiles last.

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