Saturday, September 25, 2010


On Tuesday, Sept. 21, I went to the zoo with Ellie's class.

First of all, let me explain that they didn't ask parents to go. Ellie was crying about school and said she wanted me to go to the zoo with her, so I asked the teacher if I could go. The teacher told me I could go and then told me some other stuff I couldn't understand. Rapid fire French coming straight at me.

I really didn't want to get it wrong. I looked for the principal (who speaks English) at pickup time and made sure I could go. The principal just looked at me funny and says "of course you can go if you want, why wouldn't you be able to go?"

Ok. Good. I even understood the sheet telling parents to send a pique-nique with the kids. Yeah, I get it, that one isn't too difficult to figure out.

So off to the zoo we go.

We spend the whole morning walking around zoo. There is no snack time. Ever. You wait until lunch to eat. Ellie and I both had trouble making to lunch.

After lunch the kids played on a playground. After about a half hour, the teacher told me that children were going to nap. I assumed that we were going back to the school. No, she just told the kids to find a patch of grass in the shade and lay down.

Another class had arrived at the playgound. They were playing. Ellie pointed to the kids playing and said I want to play too! Her teacher told her to lay down and take a nap. But she said it in French and Ellie didn't understand a word of it. I told Ellie that all the kids in her class were taking a nap and she needed to lay down. But I was really thinking, yeah right, these kids are NOT going to lay down.

Of course they did. A nice little half hour resting in the shade.

Then we all got back up and carried on with our zoo visit.

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