Sunday, September 12, 2010

La Rochelle

After all the traveling and the school visits we had time for one day of fun before school started. The kids really wanted to go to the beach. We are about 45 minutes to an hour (I don't keep very good track) from La Rochelle, which is on the Atlantic Ocean.

Wednesday we drove to La Rochelle and stopped at the tourism office (they are really helpful here) and asked about the closest beach. A small beach is just outside of town so we went there. My mom was able to walk to an old tower on the harbor and take in some history while we were at the beach.

Even though it was a little windy and chilly, the kids loved the beach.

After the beach we went out to eat in La Rochelle. There are lots and lots of restaurants overlooking the harbor. It was a lovely evening. Definately a town I want to visit again.


  1. I'm loving these posts, Jen. It makes me feel like I am there. We miss you but are glad France is wonderful so far. I hear you have a cold ... so sorry! Do you have to sign away your entire life to get Sudafed in France?

  2. Lesa - I am a wimp. I brought cold medicine with me. But I was happy to have it!