Thursday, September 9, 2010

visiting new schools and school shopping

Tuesday was our first full day in France. We took the kids to visit their new schools.

Katie is the only one at middle school and we went there first. The principal gave Katie a big hug and welcomed her to the school. The principal doesn't speak English so she had an English teacher come to the front office. We found out that in Katie's grade there is a girl named Margot who speaks English and French. Her mother is French and her father is English. They put Katie in the same section as Margot. We got the list of school supplies needed. It was quite a long list! And it was specific. For example, a notebook needs to be a certain size with a certain number of pages.

Next we went to Gabi, Joey and Ellie's elementary school. We met all their teachers. Gabi and Joey have teachers who speak English. Ellie does not. Gabi and Joey also got a list of school supplies, but not nearly as long.

After the school visits we all piled back in the car for a trip to the Hyper U to get school supplies.

At the Hyper U were several large aisles of school supplies. 3 adults and 4 children should be able to pick out school supplies. After 45 minutes, we enlisted a store clerk to help us. She helped us for a little while. After another half hour we heard another shopper speaking English. Her and her son helped us finish up the list. They are from Wales and they have been living in France for a few years. When she saw us she said it reminded her of the first time she did school shopping in France. She is the woman who gave her phone number to Rod. She told us to call her if we have any questions or need help.
Joey is holding the reciept from the Hyper U to show how many items we bought.

The award for most school supplies goes to Katie!

At the Hyper U my mom ran into another English woman who was giving her information about the town.

Another time, when the kids were at the fish counter they jumped because a crab started moving. They didn't realize how fresh it was. A British guy started talking to them.

I don't know if there are really this many English people in the area or if we just ran into all of them at once!

Does it sound like we spent the whole afternoon at the Hyper U? It certainly felt like it!


  1. Scott wants to know if they sell Ritalin at the Hyper U.......

  2. @ Cindy - haha. Or rows and rows of energy drinks.

  3. Just the name " Hyper U " makes me feel nervous.

  4. Just learned today that the Hyper U is not the place to shop. The neighbor goes to the market or Leclerc (another big store in town). So you don't have to worry about the Hyper U. In smaller towns it is called the Super U.